CNY 2017

Yes, I celebrate CNY (Chinese New Year). Ever since I could remember.

I wont share pictures here because I did not really took any. And my phone camera quality sucks. And they’re pretty personal photos. And I dont have an Instagram account where I can share them photos. And also, I have decided to teach myself to enjoy the moments through my God-given eyes instead of pixels, while they lasts.

It was the same every year. Reunion dinner at a restaurant, berjarah to family’s houses the next day, BBQ at one of the houses at night. We had seafood for dinner on the 2nd day, which was costly (basically not that worthy) but considering we’re together, that counted as a blessing. And we’re super thankful for that.

I have 2 days of leave for CNY. 1 holiday due to Hari Wilayah. I’ll be returning to work on Thursday. More like I have to return to work on Thursday. Oh, le commitments.

Anyways, I had a meet up with a few friends from high school today. We had so much to talk about. Mostly things that are morbid. Like work, responsibilities, the future of mankind. Like how none of us rakyat marhaen are able to own a house. Like how we should not really give a shit about Donald Trump being POTUS, and instead focuses on making our country a better place to live in. Like how me and Sue apparently have similar views on marriage. Like how Azreen’s the next in line to the future of happily ever after, after Minah. Like how Wan have already found his significant other, and being real discreet about it too.

I knew these people from 2009. They’re those who accepted me when others did otherwise. They’re those who protected me when I was bullied. They’re those who consoled me and patted me in the back when I cried. They’re those who never judged me. They’re those who taught me that perfection does not exist, the only thing that does is how I choose to define myself.  They’re those who were (and hopefully will be) still willing to berjarah to my house for Eid annually. Meeting up with them made me realize that we might grow up and molded into who we are today. But our habits, at least for some of us, stayed.

After several meet ups, I’ve come to realized that I dont really have to wait for friends to initiate a meet up/gathering. I’m the one who should start the move. And each of them were all worth it in the end. I was not exactly the friendly and bubbly type, but I guess as I get older, I wanted to keep the friends that I have made in my younger days. Especially those who have taught me gazillions about life, that has made me who I am today.

I swear I’d be the better friend than I was 8 years ago. But we cannot possibly turn back time. So, I promise myself to be the best one today.

CR: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, pg 45/224.

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