So, yesterday I was at Larkin Sentral, JB. Had to buy a bus ticket to KL since I had to work today (obviously it’s Monday).

Anyways, while waiting for the bus, chilling inside Dunkin’ Donuts, a girl about my age, suddenly came in looking extremely panicked and started approaching me, asking if I could help her call her phone because apparently it was missing (or got stolent prolly). She was actually sitting at a table nearby and all that while, I did not notice her. Maybe I was too indulged (is it the right word though) chatting with my Mom (yep, my mom was present too).

So what happened was (according to her),

She was sitting there, and she went out for a little while to throw away some rubbishes (and accidentally left her phone on the table) and when she got back, her phone was nowhere to be seen. She lose her bus ticket as well as she placed it together with her phone. It was 3.00pm and her bus probably left. The only ticket that was available was around 7.00/9.00pm (could not remember) and she was to travel to Kuantan.

A small Chinese family who was sitting at the table in front of her did not notice her phone. But they did noticed a ‘Mak cik’ with a little boy who was at that table a little bit earlier. I actually noticed that too, the little boy was wearing a hat and the ‘mak cik’ was acting peculiarly by taking a plate of leftovers from the table and bringing it to a table much further for reasons I could not fathom. And a couple of minutes (maybe even seconds) later, she was seen with some bunch of ‘take-away’s and left with the little boy.

It was just then, that the girl who lose her phone came in looking and approached me. So I let her use my phone to call her phone (it was ringing every single time she called it and she did not put it on vibrate/silent) and notify her mom and she was really panicky, shaky and in tears in the process. And the Chinese couple sitting nearby advised her to find that ‘mak cik’ as she might still be lurking nearby or around the Larkin Sentral area (if she was the one taking/keeping her phone). And they left to search for the ‘mak cik’.

I saw her again a couple of minutes later with a lady, most probably helping her calling her mom or something. I was already in the bus at that moment.

I know she most probably wont read this, but I hope she is doing okay. I wish I could stay and help her further but I had to rush back to KL. That was unfortunate but ada hikmah behind all that has happened, pretty sure of it.

So, to Kamilia (that’s her name apparently), have patience and I pray that the Lord ease your journey to Kuantan. InshaaAllah.

CR: Another Country by Helene du Coudray, 64/250.

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