Let’s just say that I’m not an inspiring person. Or I’m most definitely, not at that level (yet) to inspire or motivate anyone. Personally, I’ve always felt that motivation and inspiration comes from people who are successful and well-known to be one. Or maybe that’s just what I thought.

For my 23rd birthday, I decided to do something good for once. And I chose to express the deed in writing, because honestly, that’s like the only thing I’m actually good at. If you know me well, then you’ll agree with me when I say that I don’t express myself well physically, especially physically. I have an unhealthy amount of awkwardness when it comes to ‘skinship’. I don’t do hugs even with my girl-friends (I do not have many anyways). I’ve had difficulty when it comes to soothing people or being soothed, even towards and from those I’m closed to. Although, I’m improving on that, which is a good thing I guess.

What I did was I submitted a confession post where I listed down 23 things I’ve learnt in life, through my blurry eyes and inadequate experiences. I did that without thinking thoroughly, it just came to me unexpectedly and without noticing, in an hour I’ve successfully written the whole post. Everything flows through me, the emotions and the literal expressions.

To be honest, I never really read the IIUM Confession page, I only chose the stories shared on my feed on Facebook, the ones that tickled my fancy. I’m not even an IIUM graduate to begin with, neither have I ever stepped into UIA. However, considering that the readers there are most definitely in greater amount than my Facebook friends, I decided to post my writings through that medium, where my ‘mission’ would be more ‘successful’.

I never thought that people would actually, genuinely read what I wrote with an opened mind and warm hearts. The reactions I’ve received was both surprising and overwhelming at the same time. And I am extremely happy and thankful for the outcome. Glad the post served its purpose.

Nobody knew I wrote that, except for my best friend. And you. I’d like to stay discreet, in fact I’m the best at it.

I made my second post on improving English through the same medium. Hopefully, I’ve managed to reach out to those who needed help on the respective subject.

I’d say that I started my Day 1 as a 23 year old with positivity and motivation to keep on writing. Here’s to spreading more good vibes around the world!

ps: K.A.S stands for Katerina Alexandrovna Shcherbatsky or most popularly known as Princess Kitty in Leo Tolstoy’s famous book, Anna Karenina. I actually hinted at it when I wrote the ’23’ post.  😉

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