1 Year Later.

It’s been more than a year since I’m out. It’s been 2 years since I started this blog.

You know what’s the best thing about writing things down, even just on random? When you look back at it, it’ll feel much more nostalgic, sometimes even dramatic. You’ll realize that sometimes you remember things quite differently back then (If you write on memories), and every time you read your old writings and ramblings, things you thought were lost or misplaced in time will just inexplicably makes sense, miraculously fall into place like it has always been there after all.

I think, I’ve found the reason on why I chose to record things down on paper sometimes (most times actually), instead of  telling someone about them. Because people tend to forget, and your writings? They wont fail you. Well, unless you lose the paper, or you deleted your blog like what I did 5 years ago, which was something regretful.

However, I’ve never regretted starting my so-called journal irl (or my teenage diaries). I had a bunch of ramblings about my high school years back then. It’s moving, but mostly funny how naive I sounded like and most importantly, looking back at how a lot of things has changed, but some things (or people) stays the same. Be it to me or to anyone involved. Well, I could say that it was one of the best ideas of my life to keep a journal. Now and then, I’ll read them back and it is a solid proof that bad and ugly things wont stay forever. People got through in their own way and so did I.

Moving on.

I wonder how many books I’ve read since my last post. It’d be quite a bunch (too lazy to check my Goodreads acc). Have not been reading consistently due to reading slumps, which was understandable even for fellow bookworms out there.

Countless of things have happened in a year. Some major, but nothing worth mentioning here. I’m just glad that I’m now in a new and different phase of my life and I’m going to give my best. To grow with much more maturity and take them all in as worthy experiences.

Here’s to more writings in the future! 🙂

CR: The Secret Place by Tana French (284/518)

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